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The human resource represents our most valuable asset, the success of ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Iasi depending on every employee’s activity and contribution.

Commitment to people, open communication and efficient leadership form a cornerstone of our management process.

Integrity and focus on the human resource ensures that the tradition of excellence at every level of ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Iasi continues over time. Delivering performance by common effort is possible only by open and trust founded communication. →  (HR Policy)

Transparency helps align our objectives by recognizing each person’s value, stimulating employees’ enthusiasm, ideas and awareness of their contribution to ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Iasi success.

The structure of the human resources is built upon the following principles:

• focus on highest ethical conduct: our policies and practice guide our management according laws in force;

• we invest in our employees, the environment where people can make a difference is guided by integrity and wish for success;

• we emphasize the need to develop leadership qualities;

• we manage operations in a way that encourages equal treatment, clear communication and respect within employees relations.


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