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ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Iasi is known for its manufacturing tradition regarding longitudinally welded pipes supply, for installations, constructions, line pipes, cold rolled profiles and railway crash barriers.

Our mission is to ensure for our clients, highest quality products. To this endArcelorMittal Tubular Products Iasi certified and maintained a Quality Management System ( QMS) according SR EN ISO 9001/2008 and API spec. Q1 revised with Addendum 1/2010.

Our main quality objective is to ensure all our clients contractual requirements satisfaction and continuous improvement of Quality Management System efficiency.

Our quality priorities are :

- Increasing client satisfaction by identifying every mentioned and not mentioned requirement, according obtained standards and certifications ;

- Increasing company prestige and building the right image with proficiency and reliability on product manufacture.

- Reassuring clients regarding capability of identifying and solving the non conformities of delivered products, as well as preventing the potential non conformities within QMS, which might lead to a good professional communication with clients and ensure an efficient feedback.

- Increasing efficiency and internal activities efficiency by good planning and organizing and ensure a high professional climate with responsabilities, and accuracy at all levels.

- Continuous improvement of products quality – by involving and sustaining all personnel, awareness on working places and stimulating personal performance.

Highest level management :

- Takes necessary actions for continuous improvement of Quality management system for the purpose of client orientation and respect of legal and established requirements.

- Assigns financial, material and human resources needed for manufacturing quality products according requirements .

- Analyses periodically the policy for continuous update. 

The Quality policy is communicated to all employees.

All employees are entirely aware of the importance of activities within QMS and the way this contributes to fullfilment of quality objectives .

The company’s upper level Management appoints the Quality Management representative who has the authority and responsibility for coordinatig , maintaining and continuous improvement of QMS.